Doongle review: interaction without borders

Never stop exploring the world! Connect with more than a million Doongle users from 118 countries and 3800 cities. Doongle is not just a place to share interesting moments from life. Users make friends in other countries, get to know each other for correspondence, look for travel companions, learn languages, and even make dates with this app.

Looking for local information, placement recommendations, advice, or want to know about a certain place? Ask locals around the world and get answers in real time!

A community that you can trust

The developers want Doongle users from different cultures and social backgrounds to feel comfortable and safe, so we carefully check our users and their records according to Doongle Community Rules.


Mission is an answer and question service that helps you get to know users from different countries, get travel tips and get to know their culture. Ask the locals the best advice about food, culture or places to visit.

Appreciate the amazing features of Doongle:

  • History: Read stories from different countries and get to know the world, follow the stories in the trend on the Hot Story tab. Get new stories from your friends in the Doongle app. Share your life moments and memories with others.
  • Search: Use the search by users, hashtags and places. We can also recommend you new friends.
  • Gifts: Gift is a great way to please a friend, even if you are separated by kilometers.
  • Right Now: Messenger with people from different parts of the world in real time. This is a global chat based on your location on the world map!
  • Personal Messages: Communicate more closely with other users through personal messages.
  • Group Messages: Unite by interests and communicate with people from all over the world.
  • Random video chat: Try a more fun and realistic way to communicate with friends from different parts of the world through a random one-on-one video chat.

Looking for friends from a certain country? This app will help you!

Use the Story Filter to read stories from specific countries, in a specific language or from users of a specific age. Send messages to random users depending on their country of residence and gender. Messages will be sent to a selected group of people.

Make friends, regardless of the language barrier, thanks to real-time translation. Try the function of translating chat with foreign friends or their stories. 

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