ChatRoulette is a truly amazing phenomenon. Although the idea of video chatting with random users at the time of creating a roulette chat was not new, it literally exploded the Internet in its time. And there were plenty of reasons for this – from the convenience of the resource to the large activity of the user audience. Now we will tell you more about the service.

History of the website

The video chat appeared in November 2009. And the most incredible thing about it was that it was created at home in just two days by an ordinary teenager from Moscow Andrey Ternovsky. According to the developer, he was pushed to this idea by the function of video conferences on Skype. He found nothing like it on the Internet, so he sat down for development and wrote a program for the first version of ChatRoulette.

As early as next year, the media in various countries wrote about ChatRoulette, and later the service was even parodied in a series of South Park. In recent years, the site has been visited by between 0.5 and 1.5 million people per day. And this, given the many analogues.

By 2010, the audience of ChatRoulette already looked like this: 71% were men, 15% were women and 14% were exhibitionists who openly demonstrated their intimate body parts. 

The site quickly attracted the attention of investors and business people around the world. However, even today Andrey Ternovsky is in no hurry to part with his brainchild and sell it. Instead, he is actively engaged in changing the concept and upgrading the site. Perhaps it is these innovations that have contributed to the fact that the number of active users has been declining recently.

Why this chat has become so popular

When the roulette chat first appeared, it had virtually no analogues. Users, for whom something like this was a novelty, willingly used video chat, chatting, finding new acquaintances.

Despite the existence of the rules of the service usage, nobody controlled their execution, especially at the beginning. Therefore, it was not uncommon to find on the site broadcasts of intimate plan and even frank pornographic materials. 

A user could only be blocked if he or she collected a really large number of complaints. But this was also quite rare. And if some users like this only scared away, others, on the contrary, attracted. The audience grew up very quickly. The ability to communicate with a stranger, even from another part of the world, attracted millions of people around the world.

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