4 rules of communication in dating application

Thanks to modern technology, people no longer have to leave home to make a new acquaintance – just register in the app. However, in order to make a successful acquaintance, you should follow certain rules, which we will tell you about in our article.

Use your sense of humor

As a rule, a serious relationship starts with something not serious. To succeed, and to start at least the first date, it is necessary to start a dialogue. And it is best started with the help of humor. So do not be shy – the funnier and funnier your first message, the better. It can be a pleasant joke or an unusual meme – and the interlocutor immediately blurs in a smile on the other side of the screen. By the way, it is also a good way to check the candidate for an adequate sense of humor, which is also important.

Look for common themes

No matter how trivial it sounds, but another catalyst for rapprochement is the fact that there are common themes or hobbies, so before starting a dialogue should be a qualitative analysis of the social networks of the interlocutor, if they certainly exist. And if not, you should at least carefully look through the photos in your profile and look for something in common. Firstly, in this way you will be able to form the initial idea of the person, and secondly, having common themes for the conversation, none of you will have to look for some tricky ways to support the dialogue.

Do not go overboard with detailed answers

At the beginning of the conversation it is better to be a bit distant, not to load the interlocutor with a flow of too detailed answers. Overly detailed and lengthy messages can scare away your potential companion – he or she may get the impression that you are too involved with yourself, which is not very pleasant. Try to follow the ten-step rule – each partner takes one step towards each other, thus developing a relationship evenly. However, if the balance is lost, and one of the partners takes a few steps at once, and the other stays put, it’s a reason to stop and think about whether to continue to communicate.

Participate in the conversation

However, the previous tip does not exclude your active participation in the dialog. It is important to be a good listener, it always clings to you. Try to be involved in the dialogue, ask questions, show your easy interest, but do not overstep. It is important to maintain a balance – most often it is formed on its own, provided that you are interested in the current conversation.

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