First impression: 3 fatal mistakes when dating for the first time

The first meeting is a very important moment, because even from a few seconds of communication depends a lot.  A person evaluates your image and forms an opinion about what you really are, collects all the details to feel your features, not what you are trying to demonstrate.  Therefore, in order not to ruin the relationship in the first minutes of acquaintance, you should remember a number of rules that will help to establish contact.

So, in order to avoid mistakes that may occur when you meet, you need to study them thoroughly.


When you go on a first date, approach the person you are interested in at an event or meet your employer at an interview, uncertainty and excitement can disrupt all your plans. A stiff gait, a slight tremor in your hands and a trembling voice make you uninteresting and nervous for the new companion.  This behavior can make you feel uncomfortable with the person who will think that you are uncomfortable with him.

Overestimated expectations

When you get acquainted with someone, you should understand that you are a living person, with its pros and cons.  Of course, you should be discerning in choosing a partner, a friend or a simple acquaintance, but when you put unattainable demands before the person, you push him away from you. And, unfortunately, only more disappointed in people. Any idealization of the interlocutor only exacerbates your neurotic attitude to what is happening. And inflated expectations can ruin any meeting.

Rushing to conclusions and forcing the situation

You should take your time. It concerns not only actions, but also thoughts. So, if after the first meeting you immediately move to active actions and begin to “choke” the interlocutor with your attention, it can repel and even scare him, even with the existing mutual sympathy for your communication. Give time to develop your relationship and do not rush things.

Breaking the distance

When getting to know a person, you should understand that you are not yet part of his/her close circle of communication. Even if the person you are talking to is extremely sympathetic to you, and you understand this already in the first couple of minutes of communication, you are still a stranger to him (or her), and your overly insistent views, attention, queries and unbridled obsession is frightening and seems inappropriate.

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