The main stages of breaking up

1. Denial

“It can’t be true, can it?” – you’re gonna think in doubt when you just break up. It’s a very strange feeling – for a while you just won’t take this information because it’ll fall on you very hard. Yesterday it was fine, so why is today bad?

But instead of checking your phone every minute to see if he’s written something and offered to date again, just take a time-out and focus on your loved one. It’s also always good to seek support – your best friend, family or even therapist – if you feel you can’t survive this event alone.

2. Anger

This is real life, and yes, you have every right to be angry – especially if a guy dumped you, not the other way around. But there’s no need to go out there with torches and make scandals. In this state, you’re barely responsible for what you say, and you can break a lot of firewood if you don’t hold back your urges.

3. Sadness

And then comes the sadness. Perhaps one of the worst stages of parting. At this time you’ll get nostalgic, you can reread your old correspondence at night, revise saved pictures, remember all the good moments and joint plans for the future.

4. Jealousy and competition

If you’ve already lived through a breakup, you must be familiar with that phase. The one where you use your girlfriend’s accounts to stalker your ex, check out his new subscribers and calculate his new girlfriend by likes. You’ll also post pictures with inscriptions that you think should get his attention and let him know that you’re doing fine and you don’t think about him anymore.

5. Apathy

The feeling that you don’t feel anything is about how you describe apathy. You turn into Elena Gilbert, who turned her emotions off and forgot about all the joys (and sorrows) of life. You are as devastated as possible, but it is also important to go through this period, because it helps you free yourself from the negative experiences associated with this breakup, and allows you to move on.

6. Acceptance

The very moment you’ve been waiting for, you wake up and you don’t feel unhappy anymore. It’s just something clicks, and you realize you don’t care. And step by step, you begin to recover, realizing that it’s time to move on.

7. Hope

And the ending is the stage where you finally start thinking about the future and no longer cling to the old relationship. Maybe you decide to devote the near future only to yourself (and this is very cool!), or maybe you feel that your heart is already ready for something new.

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