How to understand you are going to break up with your boyfriend

As you know, perfect relationships only happen in movies. In some we get positive emotions, in others we get anxiety, fear and fat cockroaches in the head that prevent us from living. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to determine how healthy our relationship is.

Name calling, physical abuse, lies and gossip are all indicators of toxic relationships. They can really hurt you and break your psyche.

1. All he sees in you are flaws

Remember, you deserve to be treated well. Your boyfriend should treat you like an individual with the right to express himself. If a young man constantly blames you for your bright clothes, uneven eyebrows, manicures, he doesn’t like you for who you are. It’s time to send him on a quest for the perfect girl he’s unlikely to find.

2. You’re not sure how he feels

Of course, no one wants to feel like a toy in other people’s hands. You don’t have to worry if your feelings are mutual. What’s the point of dating if you have to guess all the time? Unclearness and ambiguity are signs of an unhealthy relationship.

When we enter a relationship, we need to feel reciprocated. If it disappears, we worry and look for evidence to break it off. At the beginning of a relationship, guys usually show love in words and actions. But after a year or two, the young man stops surprising you with surprises.

3. He won’t listen to you

A loving person is always interested in the life of their half. He will always listen attentively and give the most necessary advice. If your boyfriend doesn’t think it’s necessary to turn off your phone for a second when you need to talk to him, it’s terrible. Of course, he may not be interested in talking about stars or beauty – but that doesn’t prohibit you from asking questions or just listening carefully to your concerns?

4. He doesn’t support you in your endeavors

What’s a guy’s reaction when you tell him about your big dreams and ambitions? If he’s laughing at you wanting to run your own company like he doesn’t believe you can make it this high, it’s unworthy behavior. Believe that you’ll be happier and more successful with a man who believes in you.

5. He’s the only one who exists in a relationship

Do you spend time together when it’s only convenient for him, does he know you? Eat only pizza, because he can’t imagine life without it, while you are a fan of Japanese cuisine. At first, innovations seem cool and interesting. But soon the relationship comes down to doing everything just for him.

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