Striptease is an Easy and Effective Way to Turn on a Man in a Video Chat

Do you plan to have virtual sex? A striptease is the best way to turn on a partner. It is a sexy dance that demonstrates a woman’s body and her capabilities in bed. It can be the perfect prelude. If you decided to dance, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Choose a slow melody

Find a track in advance. You’ll be more relaxed, if you know music and feel it. If you know each bit of the track, you’ll look sexier and move more passionate. The right track means a lot. It should reflect the state of your soul. Some women are less lustful and choose more monotonous music without bright accents (bits, volume). Others prefer passionate songs with pace and volume changes, music climaxes.

  • Move slow and smooth

Do not hurry. Just relax, turn on music, and get lost in the chosen track. Feel it and imagine that you reflect the song through your movements. They should be slow and smooth. It is the sexiest type of dances. Thus, you should not hurry and move like a robot.

  • Prefer simple movements

Be sure that your partner will love every striptease you’ll dance. Remember that you dance to an ordinary man, bot a choreographer. A few simple body waves will be enough to make a man go crazy. Thus, do not try to repeat some complicated movements that professional dancers use while their performances. Let your dance be simpler but more passionate and seductive. The main thing is to cause pleasant emotions but not to make him laugh.

  • Undress gradually

Do not try to put off all your clothes at once. The main gusto of a striptease is that everything should be done without a hurry so that a viewer will have time to enjoy every part of your body. Thus, put off only one clothing item. Then dance for a while. And then put off the second one, and so on.

The second important thing is not to undress from the first seconds of your track. You should dance in clothes for one or even several minutes. During this time, your viewer will imagine what is hidden under clothes and try to predict what will happen next.

  • Do not interrupt your dance suddenly

As you’re naked, keep dancing. Do not immediately stop.  Turn around and demonstrate your body from all sides. Your partner should enjoy every piece of your body. When you want to end your striptease, tilt to the screen, and ask a man what to do next. Let him guide the process.

Usually, virtual sex follows a striptease. Thus, your partner will tell you about his dreams and fantasies, and your communication will continue.

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