Funny Ways to Congratulate your Online Friend on an Online Video Chat

A birthday is an important day in everyone’s life. On this day, people wish all the best to a birthday boy/girl. Among standard ideas of wishing wellbeing, prosperity, health, and happiness, there is a place for non-standard and unusual ideas.

It is not difficult to find an original way to congratulate your friend in the real world. But what to do if you have a bosom online friend who lives abroad or in another city? People usually chat in random online chats and sometimes, they are able to find a soul mate or a friend there. If such cases, you should find a way to make creative and unforgettable congratulation. Here are some options:

  • A funny call

It is popular to order such calls when a bot calls and introduces itself as a police officer, a celebrity or a politician, an employee of control agencies, etc. An interlocutor is frightened and confused. In the end, it wishes a happy birthday. You can order this service and schedule it so that the bot calls when you chat on a cam chat. You will see your interlocutor’s reaction. Moreover, you can record it and send it to him as a funny greeting card for the next holiday.

  • A play cast

You can develop your individual play cast with unique design. It is a new kind of card, which replaces classic greeting cards. It is a digital version of the cards. It represents a combination of a melody, text, and an image. You can create it yourself, choose the desired music and images, write text.

  • A photo collage

You can ask your friends and relatives to take a shoot with a certain inscription on paper. For example, one person writes “Health” on paper, another one has a paper sheet with “Much money” inscription, etc. Then, you can combine these photos and make a collage with congratulation.

  • Visit him/her

If you’re brave enough, you can make a surprise and unexpectedly visit your friend. The only thing is that you should know for sure that a birthday boy/girl will be at home. The second thing is that you should have some means to connect and call your friend.

  • Decorate your room before making a call on an online video chat

Buy a cake, put candles, and decorate your room with ribbons, air balloons, and congratulatory posters. Such a decoration together with sincere words will create an unforgettable impression and touch the soul of your friend. You can light candles on the cake and say: “make a wish”. Then blow out the candles, cut the cake, and eat it in front of the camera with words: “I eat this piece of cake for you, your wellbeing, and happiness”.

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