How not to start a conversation on a video chat

Nowadays, modern technologies have taken over the humanity even though some people don’t even notice that. For example, today it’s even possible to work from home because everybody can easily do his responsibilities via the internet. Moreover, it is even possible not to spend much money on items people need for comfortable dwelling due to the fact that there are thousands of online stores where every user can easily purchase these products. This way of shopping is not only a cheaper option, it is also quite fast because one should not spend hours going from one offline mall to another. Furthermore, the internet is a great resource for those individuals whose main hobby is traveling. These days humans who are looking for adventure don’t even need to go to the airport in order to buy tickets because they can do it via the internet.

However, a recent research has shown that there are still some elderly people who have no doubt that one day the internet will destroy the mankind. Even though there are human beings who cannot survive without modern technologies, such a statement can be proven. For instance, nowadays, people have already started thinking that it’s okay that there is nobody around them when they are in the trouble, and the only thing they can do to solve their problems is to search for help on the internet. But there are still lots of extroverted people whose main energy goes from communicating with others. For these humans programmers developed services for interaction. These online platforms were called video chats because the only thing users should have in order to begin talking with a stranger who lives in the other part of the world is a web camera on the computer. However, it’s not so easy to become friends with a person who you have never seen before. Here are some things you should not do if you want to attract another user.

Being too serious

The worst thing you can do to attract another person is to show that you are serious. Such a behavior can make another user feel insecure. It will be much better if you demonstrate your interlocutor that you are an easy-going person. In this case you can even start joking and never forget to smile. So, another user will understand that he can trust you and will become more confident.

Asking intimate questions

If this is your first conversation, don’t ask your interlocutor anything private. Otherwise, it can make him think that you are an abusive person, and the only thing he can do in this case is to finish your conversation as fast as possible. It will much better if you think about some general topics for your conversation beforehand.

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