7 Interesting Facts about ChatRoulette

ChatRoulette collected over a million visits for the first year of its work. The popularity of the chat continues to grow and it is not surprising: the opportunity to communicate with a random person from any part of the world is intriguing and appealing. Here are some facts about this service, which are even the most interesting.

Despite the fact that the site is English-speaking and has an American domain, it was created in Russia. In 2009, Andrew Ternovskoy, an 11th-grade student at one of the Moscow schools, created the first version of random chats. Over time, the site began to gain popularity, Andrew received a lot of offers from investors, and in the end, he moved to the United States. Ternovskoy did not sell the resource to Google and Yandex, but he continued to manage the resource himself.


  • ChatRoulette – not a haven for exhibitionists
Despite the fact that every fifth user of the random chat gets undressed in front of the camera, initially, the resource was not created for this purpose. There have been many complaints from users who go there exclusively for communication and interesting acquaintances. As a result, the administration of the site has restricted access for persons under the age of 18, as well as to those who have received 3 or more complaints.


  • Not only schoolchildren are sitting in video chat rooms
According to statistics, the majority of video chat users are between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. The second largest category is 25-35 years old. As for gender statistics, about seventy percent are men, and only the remaining thirty are women.


  • Democracy in chat roulette
The administration of the site makes polls in order to know what do users like or dislike on the resource. Thus, such a way of communication with an audience helps to improve ChatRoulette.


  • Original ChatRoulette – the beginning of the whole industry
After the surge in popularity, many analogs began to appear in the network. But none of them has become so popular. There are chats that are divided according to a certain criterion. For instance, by geography (some of them are created for residents of a particular country).


  • ChatRoulette is a popular place for trolling.
There, users can meet a lot of trolls who cannot wait to express their anger on a stranger and immediately skip. Among them, there are many users who are fond of frightening strangers and making them laugh.


  • Some celebrities use ChatRoulette
A lot of western celebrities were noticed in the roulette chat. These include rapper Eminem, actor Jason Statham and actress Jessica Alba.

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