Video Chat Privacy and Security Concerns

The technologies have gone so far that we do not need to get out of house to meet people from all over the world due to possibilities of online communication. Communication in video chats gives excellent opportunities to make friends, find love partners, talk your heart out to complete strangers, and many more. Video chats are so frequently used by people of all ages and statuses that it is already a part of our daily life. It makes meeting people in chatroulette a tricky thing, because online offenders have already found ways to get advantage of people in video chats.

What Can Happen?

To be safe, you should consider all the potential risks:

  • Offenders can get access to your personal information and blackmail you.
  • They can get to your children or people you love.
  • They may demand you send them money.
  • They can make you emotionally dependent on them.
  • They may manipulate you.

How Can I Protect Myself?

To be on the safe side, follow simple rules:

  • Do not reveal too much personal information neither during private conversation with strangers nor in your profile. If they keep asking you, take it as a warning sign and finish the conversation. You can file the report to make moderators check if this user has not been previously involved in any suspicious activities.
  • Beware of people who ask too many questions.
  • Do not trust people who behave too friendly.
  • Do not trust people who talk about connection, feelings, and stuff if you met them 2 days ago. Very often, such people become your friends over a short period of time and then start asking for your money. Of course, you cannot say no because your best friend’s mother is dying, he was hit by a train, or his landlord kicks him out  – all in the same day.
  • Make sure your antivirus in on and up to date each time you go to chatroulette. Just in case you accidentally click on a bad link or something.
  • Do not let your children use video chats without your supervision. Children are frequent victims of video chat frauds, so be careful.

What Privacy Policies Do Chatroulette Grant?

Chatroulette has hundreds of moderators that monitor users and their behavior in chats. The information you reveal about yourself on the site should not be visible to public if you do not want this. You are also free not to reveal certain info about yourself. As a rule, video chat privacy policies ensure that each user’s private information will be inaccessible to the third parties.

Thus, your online safety largely depends on you. Know what you should and what you should not talk about, and filter people you share contact information with.   

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