What Not To Tell To Random People

The majority of users do not give a second thought about their safety before entering chatroulette. Many falsely assume that no one can offend or do them anything bad because they cannot reach them physically. However, there are plenty of ways that you can become a victim of online fraud. We created the list of personality portraits that you can meet online and that you definitely should beware.

Who Not To Talk To in Video Chats

  • People who are too kind. If you see people who are overly nice and seem to have a great interest in you, they pretend like being your best friend from the first moment they meet you. They will make you believe that the two of you have a connection and will rip you off eventually.
  • Users who ask too many questions. These are definitely looking for information to get to your house, money, and bank accounts.
  • Individuals that persuade you visit their site or check something interesting they want to show you.
  • People who send weird links and bot-like messages. This is most likely just spam, which can be dangerous to your PC.

When You Are Already Friends

These advice seem pretty obvious to any reasonable person. However, it gets more difficult to beware of a person who you are already friends with and who seems normal. Supposedly, you met him or her in video chat and you have been in touch for months already. Does it mean that at this stage you are friends enough and should tell each other everything? There are things that are unacceptable to ask and they should be warning sign to you.

  • Get alarmed if a person suddenly starts asking about your wage, private ownership, relatives, and this kind of questions. Answer such questions in the most vague and short way possible.
  • Do not tell your address or address of your workplace.
  • Do not reveal the information that you usually answer with to security questions such as your mother’s maiden name, the name of your first dog or boyfriend.
  • Do not give passwords to any of your accounts even if you need help with something.

Too Much of a Cation is Never Too Much

Making friends and finding love partners online is great but you should always ensure nothing is out of your control. Personal information is something that you must not give away under any circumstances. If someone wants to get it from you, do not hesitate to report and block the person.

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