Unexpected Encounters in Chatroulette

Chatroulette connects people based solely on random chance. The algorithm built into in does not presuppose matching people depending on their geographic proximity or kinship. Everyone you get connected to sees you by chance. It may be the person from the same country or from another continent, he or she may speak your language or may not know a single word in it – everything depends on chance. The lucky chance can even help you meet your favourite celebrity, youtuber, or whoever you want. Same way, you can meet people you know from real life such as:

  • friends who are also frequent video chat users,
  • acquaintances,
  • people you used to work, study, or travel with,
  • people you are friends with on social networks.

Awkward Cases

There have been many cases of people meeting people they live close to or who they know from real life in video chat. There is nothing too weird about it – many people are into chatroulette nowadays. For example, a guy met his own sister in chatroulette who has also been video chatting in the room next door. Another guy who has thrown a party without his parents knowing about it, meets them in video chat cam-to-cam with his friends turning the apartment upside down on the background.

Life Changing Encounters

Good examples of meeting people from real life in video chats happen as well. A woman met her college groupmate who she lost contact with almost 20 years ago. Thanks to video chat, they restored their connection and even visited each other. There are many cases of chatroulette users meeting people who they know or used to know in the past. So, there is a pretty good chance you can meet some of your real life acquaintances in video chat as well! If you have favourite instagram or youtube bloggers who you follow or are friends with, there is a good chance you will be able to talk to them.

Why It Is Fun To Meet Someone You Know in Video Chats?

Meeting these same people in real life on a daily basis and seeing them in video chat where the chance of meeting them is 1 out of a million is a truly unforgettable experience. Even more so, if you meet people that you used to lost all connections with and chatroulette allows you reuniting with these people. To some extent, such meetings are life-changing. Thus, if to consider the benefits of video chatting, one has to include meeting people your know. Chatroulette can always surprise you, even with things you thought would never be surprised with.

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